Fat Loss 42 is a 6 week group nutrition program designed specifically to help you lose body fat, tone up and feel good.


This program won't just transform the way you look and feel - it will teach you everything you need to eat healthy and stay in shape for life!


Sign up to Fat Loss 42 if you are...

  • Over the age of 25
  • Struggling to lose body fat
  • Fed up of feeling flabby and tired
  • Serious about losing body fat and keeping it off for good
  • Confused about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat
  • Done with fad dieting, gimmicky supplements and hardcore exercise regimes that provide short term results
  • In need of motivation, accountability and support to achieve your fat loss goal


what to expect

This program delivers incredible results and great value.

  • Lose body fat without feeling ravenously hungry, missing out on your favourite foods or killing yourself in the gym!
  • Get daily contact with me as your coach to guide, motivate and support you
  • Monitor your progress, make course corrections and keep moving forwards with a fortnightly check-in with me
  • Join a private, supportive and motivating group of people with similar goals to you
  • The Fat Loss 42 manual - a detailed road map to achieving a leaner, firmer and healthier body
  • Radical changes to the way you look and feel!
  • Loads of bonus materials including calorie controlled recipes, sample meal plans, shopping lists, workout guides, tips for better sleep, eating out, and more!

Fat Loss 42 basicaly gives you everything you need to lose body fat and keep it off forever!


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For more details shoot me an email at andrew@realfoodandfitness.com