"The best cash Iv’e spent!” 

Jamie, London, UK

“I was extremely pleased with my rapid progress to becoming fitter than I have been since I was a teenager as well as losing unwanted inches. My coaching incorporated fitness, health and lifestyle and I felt supported and motivated throughout. My training was fun yet challenging and Andrew helped me break down barriers and surprise myself with what I was able to achieve under his careful guidance and friendly enthusiasm. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who would like someone who is fun, professional and helps you realize your goals”. 

Virginia, London, UK

“I recommend working with Andrew for excellent results”.

 Gavin, London, UK

“Great guy, very motivational, I have lost 19 pounds in 6 weeks…he gets results!”

 Brendan, London, UK

“Andrew is professional and efficient. In two months I have lost 5.5. kilograms, and my back pain has disappeared. He always wears a big smile on his face”.

 Ahmed, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

“Training with Andrew has been the most effective and enjoyable experience I had in keeping fit”.

 Peter, London, UK

“I cannot thank you enough for the quality of life that I am living. Since I started working with you I have never felt so fit, healthy and beautiful in a very long time. I have lost 4 kilos, my blood pressure has started to stabilize and overall, my general health is very good. I have had a wonderful time working with you , I am going got cherish it all my life”.

Anita, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

“My goals were to lose weight, gain some muscle and generally feel good about myself. Andrew certainly helped me achieve my goals. He is a great trainer and understands the reality of getting results. Thanks Andrew and look forward to achieving my next set of goals!”

 Shakeel, London, UK

“I achieved my goal weight of losing over 3.5 kilos in two months thanks to working with Andrew just once per week. Following his personalized nutrition and exercise plan has made me leaner, more toned and energized than ever before!"

 Saira, London, UK

“I’ve lost body fat and improved my fitness”.

 Edwina, London, UK

 “I lost 2 kg in my first 2 weeks of training”.

John, London, UK