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12. April 2019
If you've been dieting for a while but are no longer seeing any results you might be wondering if your body has gone into "starvation mode"? Perhaps all the dieting you've been doing has damaged your metabolism? Read on to learn why starvation mode is BS and your metabolism is just fine!
29. March 2019
Losing body fat and improving physical health are the reasons most people start a diet. Whilst these are good goals to chase achieving them won't necessarily lead you to optimal health. Read on to learn why!

22. February 2019
Eating to lose weight and be healthy starts in the supermarket! If you fill your trolley with mostly highly processed junk foods you'll end up eating a high calorie - low nutrient diet that won't support your health and weight loss goals. Follow these 5 simple tips to avoid the junk and shop healthy!
15. September 2018
This article uses the best available evidence to clean up the confusion surrounding artificial sweeteners.

29. July 2018
How many meals should you eat per day to lose weight and burn fat? Read on to find out!
12. May 2018
Many people believe a “slow metabolism” is the reason they can’t lose weight. Do you ever point the finger of blame on a sluggish metabolism as the reason for not being in the shape you want to be in? If so, I bet you’ll find this post interesting and insightful.

27. April 2018
In this post I am sharing what I consider to be the 3 simplest ways to cut calories and lose weight. If you are looking for a simple and straight-forward way to burn body fat you'll want to read this.
17. April 2018
There’s no need for you to completely abstain from alcohol whilst dieting to lose weight, if you play it smart you can enjoy a few drinks now and then without completely derailing your progress. Read on to learn how.

12. March 2018
If you suffer with digestive discomfort such as gas, bloating, reflux or burps this post is for you! Learn some simple and effective tips to reboot your digestive​ system and make meal times fun again.
02. February 2018
If you are feeling confused and frustrated about what to do to lose weight due to all the conflicting advice out there, this post should help clear things up for you and place you on the right path to achieve your goal of healthy weight​ loss.