Pick up a popular magazine or browse the interent for weight loss tips and its only a matter of time before you come across something written by a celebrity trainer.


Anyone who works with this calibre of clientele must be worth listening to, right?


Perhaps not!


Just because someone puts "celebrity fitness trainer" in their bio doesnt mean their are providing advice you should listen too.


Dont get me wrong, not all celebrity trainers are bad - some really know their stuff and are worth listening too.


But the many arent!


Here are 5 examples:


The 4 work out B’s.


According to Brittney Spear’s trainer Tony Martinez, Basketball jump shots, walking Backwards, Balancing on 1 leg and Bicycling are the secrets to shaping up!


Truth: I’ll add a 5th B for bullshit into his acronym! Getting into “shape” or “toning” requires you to build some muscle and burn body fat which is best achieved by lifting heavy things in the gym (squats, presses, deadlifts, etc.) and following a calorie controlled nutrition plan. 


There are no secret exercises to “shape up” and if there ever were these 4 would be way down on the list!


“Every day that you don’t work out you are gaining weight or staying the same”, says Tracy Anderson. 


Truth: Urrrm no, that’s a ridiculous claim!


Let’s clear this up. 


Every day that you eat more food (Calories) than you need you gain weight, and every day you eat the same number of Calories that you burn you stay the same. 


Scaremongering quotes such as Anderson’s can create an unhealthy exercise mentality. You don’t have to hit the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY to lose weight – you just have to create a calorie deficit which can be achieved without ever stepping foot in a gym!


Here’s another pearl of wisdom from Tracy Anderson…


“Alcohol slows your metabolism for 3 days after you drink” 


Truth: More utter nonsense!


First of all you can lose weight drinking alcohol – you just need to factor the alcohol calories into your total intake. 


Secondly, there is no evidence to suggest alcohol slows down your metabolism. If anything the research shows the exact opposite! Your body burns more calories metabolizing alcohol than it does carbs or fats! 


Anderson also advises "only drinking on special occasions" !


Come on! It doesn’t need to be your wedding day or birthday to enjoy an alcoholic drink!


If you fancy a couple of drinks with your friends on Friday night or a glass of red to unwind after a long day you can and probably should! 


“Eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day” Vond Channa. 


Truth: When it come to weight loss it doesn’t matter how many meals you eat per day – all that matters is the total amount of food (Calories) you consume. 


There’s no magic meal frequency for fat loss so eat as many or as few meals per day as you like!


The key is to follow a meal pattern that feels convenient to you. 


If you want to splash out on tupper wear and carry mini meals around with you all day you can but its definitley not required.


Jackie Warner: “Classify the food you eat as good (veggies, fruit, lean meats), bad (starches, bread), and ugly (dessert, alcohol)”.


Truth: Eating lots of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins creates a nutrient rich and low calorie diet so you can definitely lose weight following this advice. 


But labelling foods as bad or ugly is a bad idea because it can create a poor relationship with perfectly healthy foods. 


In fact there’s no such thing as a “healthy” or “unhealthy” food – there’s really only healthy and unhealthy diets. 


Starchy foods such as potatoes, oats, rice, beans, etc. are not inherently fattening or unhealthy.


These foods are nutrient dense and high in gut filling fibre which can help you to feel fuller for longer which is a big win during your weigth loss journey because fighting a growling and empty stomach is never fun!


So if you like eating starchy foods and want to lose weight you can – you just need to build them into your diet without overconsuming calories - a smart nutrition plan will do this for you.


Spend enough time browsing the internet and you'll find hundreds of more silly claims from fitness and nutrition “experts” which get the lime light.


Are they all celebrity trainers bad?


No – some really know their stuff.


Am I a little jealous of them? 


Nope – I’d trade all their fame and fortune for being able to help clients build healthy relationships with food, and stop them wasting their hard earned cash on expensive supplements or gimmicky exercise routines that dont deliver results.


But that’s just me.

Just because you read something about nutrition or weight loss written by a trainer to the stars doesn’t mean it’s evidence based and will actually help you get results!


Thanks for listening to my rant!




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