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This is Andrew Pascoe giving you a very warm welcome to Real Food & Fitness!


You're reading this, which means you're serious about getting into great shape and living healthily - thats awesome!


My goal is to help you set up your diet and lifestyle so that you can lose weight, keep it off forever and build robust health. The only caveat is that you do it in a way that suits your personal needs and preferences. 


Whether you prefer to eat a lower carb or lower fat diet, like to track your calorie intake or don't, or fancy a slower or more aggressive approach towards your goal, we can customise a nutrition plan to fit your needs. More importantly, we can devise a maintenance plan to ensure the weight you lose doesn’t bounce back.


Look out for regular tips focusing upon nutrition, exercise, healthy living or a combination of all three! Incorporate the tips that slot easily into your daily routine and fit your style, and simply park any that may seem undoable at this moment in time - you can always revisit them later - things change.  


Turning these healthy lifestyle tips into habits will help you to reach your health and weight loss goals.


Rather than try out another fad diet or overzealous exercise plan, I encourage you to

embrace a simple, flexible and sustainable way to live healthily and enjoy a lean and trim physique for the rest of your life. 




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I admire you for investing in your body and will be supporting you every step of the way towards your goals!


Welcome to Real Food & Fitness, its time to enjoy an effective, flexible and sustainable approach to living healthy! 





Live healthy!